Common Ground PAC

United On Common Ground

ALL are welcome. ALL voices matter. Join Us.

We are a group of community members across Texas who aim to listen to the voice of the community and express its interest.

We are a group of community members across Texas who aim to listen to the voice of the community and express its interest.  Our goal is to help through listening, learning, sharing educational resources, and providing the community a “public square” to meet and grow together.  We are not Democrats or Republicans; we are the community.  We are people who want to find common ground on things that matter to make our community stronger and safer.

We are building our future together.

Let’s work together for a better Texas, and, a better tomorrow.

Get Involved

We are at a crossroads in America.

Politicians and government leaders are divided like no other time.  Trust is waning and the media is a continual soap box of plagues in America. The public square cannot be met on social media. Social media dehumanizes each other as neighbors. For centuries, neighbors and leaders met in the public square to listen, learn, debate, and grow together. Common Grounds is a grassroots effort to revitalize the public square. 


What We Have Done

Common Grounds’ goal is to establish education on local issues to ensure citizens can make informed decisions. Communities coming together solving real issues. These are just the beginning.

Supported the Keep US380 on 380 from disrupting Prosper.

Mobilized the drive to Decreased Town of Prosper Property taxes successfully for the first time in 15 years.

Organized and hosted candidate debates

Community Development Focus

Where we live, work, and invest should matter to all local and regional residents. Millions of local and regional tax dollars are funneled into community development and enhancement projects.

It is our goal to help the community to better know the leaders entrusted with oversight and distribution. It is equally important that residents of our community both locally and regionally understand how community development projects will affect their lifestyle, their home values, and businesses.

How Will Common Ground Make Difference?

The Fundamental Truth

The future of our nation rest on the ability of our citizens to work together to find common ground. The basis of respect comes from the understanding people have the individual right to make decisions based on what is best for each person. Individualism was the foundation of America; it is the story of America. In this story people from all over the world migrated to a land where common laws were king, and no man had the right to tell another how to live if the individual did not harm others in their ambition. Generations past understood that united we stand and divided we fall. Today, our American story is at risk, and it is under attack. The enemy of that story has built a web of lies that we are each other’s enemy all while the real enemy is working behind the scenes to take control and destroy our sovereignty.

Our Guiding Principles

Individual freedom to pursue happiness and liberty.

Collective agreement that respecting individualism is our strength.

Supporting our community and local government is fundamental to building our future together.

Education Is Our Future

The American education system is the bedrock of the United States’ future. 

Knowing this, Common Grounds is focused on supporting educators, families, and students.  Where we believe we win is through focusing on student first leaders and initiatives.

How Will Common Grounds Make Difference

Elections Make a Difference

We believe in transparent representation.

Transparency begins with access to open forums and debates where local citizens can engage with hopeful leaders. To ensure representative leadership, elected leaders must be available and willing to listen, learn, and engage the community he/she hopes to represent.

How Will Common Grounds Make Difference